Another Season in the Books

Mike Carlson

March 9, 2020

Sixteen years old, 6 foot 4 and 140 pounds, Mike Carlson was the weakest guy in the weight room; he fell over trying to do olympic lifts.  He had no college scholarship offers at the end of his senior year, but even so, he knew he wanted to play and was willing to do anything to make that dream a reality.  He played division III basketball his freshman year on the JV squad at Hope College in Michigan.  Five years later he was 6 foot 9, in his 5th year at Truman State University, being recognized as an All American and getting constant calls from agents wanting to sign him.  He was a nobody who converted himself into a somebody.  He was an underdog for years, and now he's in his 6th season playing professional basketball overseas.  His story is one of a kind and well worth listening to.  Find your passion, obsess over it and don't let it go.