Another Season in the Books

Robyn Parks

March 16, 2020

Her older brother went to VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) and was a scout guy for the women's basketball team.  One day the coaching staff asked him, "Do you have a younger sister named Robyn?"  Once he confirmed with a yes the staff proceeded to shout back, "WE WANT HER!"  Robyn played Division 1 basketball at VCU for four years, graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice and upon completing school started preparing herself for her first year as a professional overseas.  She's had an interesting journey, living in countries such as Hungry, Poland, Spain and Angola.  She's improved her game, grown as a person and seen parts of the world many of us never will.  We laughed our way through the majority of this interview, but that being said, Robyn dedicates hours to her trade and is constantly looking to learn and improve.  Hard work and an open mind are the two main factors she identifies when asked about the success and longevity of her career.